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Ordering Charity Festive Greeting Cards In Bulk

Spreading the holiday cheer among the less fortunate need not be expensive. Socially responsible and civic minded people do not need to be wealthy in order to achieve this. Even ordinary people who sincerely believe in changing lives can greet the less fortunate by giving them cards that have been purchased in bulk. It may be a common practice with corporates. However, it is time you did this on your own.

Altruistic acts are welcome
Simple yet altruistic acts are welcome. Of course, it does not mean that you have to give out money to the poor all the time in order to spread the holiday cheer. You can even do it by giving them greeting cards. These can be ordered in bulk from a company that sells goods in bulk. Some companies do offer a part of the proceeds from the sales of the greeting cards to charity but then that is not always the case with some companies. You can choose to buy the greeting cards and distribute them to charitable organisations yourself. In fact, you can even purchase them online.

Save money while being charitable
You can save a lot of money while being charitable when you buy the greeting cards for distribution to charitable organisations in bulk. Some online stores try to pass on the holiday cheer to you by giving you further discounts on the greeting cards. You can pay for the greeting cards either using your credit or debit card. This will help you since you can always pay your bank the money later on. Of course, you need not worry as to whether paying online is safe or not since most of the sites that offer products in bulk ensure that they include secure payment channels through which you can make your payment safely.

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